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Distances in Kms * Hotel Posada Farellones Chile

From Posada Farellones Hotel to Ski Resorts, Shopping center…

- Santiago: 36 km / 23 miles.
- International Airport - 60km / 38 miles.
- First Shopping Centre - 40km / 25 miles (Alto Las Condes).
- Valle Nevado Ski Resort - 13km / 8 miles.
- La Parva Ski Resort - 5km / 3 miles.
- El Colorado - Farellones Ski Resort - 6km / 3.5 miles.
- La Ermita Road Control (Police) - 20km / 12 miles.

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Where to Ski

First Chile Ski Lodge .We are located 36km away from Santiago, the ski resorts Chile complex just a 45 minute drive! The Ski Resorts of La Parva and El Colorado are 5 and 6km (3miles) respectively away from Posada de Farellones. It takes 20 minutes to drive 13km to Valle Nevado. Just 1,500m away is the Farellones car park among other services, where the ski lifts begin connecting Farellones village and El Colorado inside the winter resorts of the Andes.

Climate holiday in the Cordillera

We favor on vacation in the mountains an average of 80% of clear days, in temperatures ranging between - 22 ° C and 17 ° C that can reach the latter during the month of September, ideal for skiing in the mountains. The great advantages of skiing in the mountains in spring are that the snow stays with a nice texture that allows the Ski backcountry and can be used lighter clothing that help for those who are not accustomed to holiday in the mountains. For safer the next six days, visit

We are privileged to have a particularly dry snow quality, soft crystals that are among the best in the world being widely recognized as the best place to ski in the Andes - Chile. Snowfall is variable in quantity ranging from 10cm to 7 meters as in the time of one week occurred in 1982 where the ski on the mountain had to be partially suspended. The month of July is the coldest month particularly where holidays are concentrated in the mountains during the last two weeks of this month both Farellones -Colorado and the rest of the ski resorts in the mountains.

Ski rental items in the Mountain

We have the possibility to offer our guests various facilities Ski & Snowboard in all ski centers in the mountains; Farellones, El Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado.Here you will find everything from standard level to the highest level of performance and a variety of services at affordable prices to ensure a good holiday in the Cordillera.You may pay by credit card, cash in dollars or Chilean pesos.After skiing in the Andes, teams can lead to the Hotel where they will be stored in a special room with boot dryer for your convenience.

Skiing in the mountains advise the rent in the mountains, this because if you suffer setbacks with his team, boots disturbed or any damage will have to go back down to Santiago for replacement in case you rent equipment for skiing in the mountains or items like Snowboard in Santiago wasting time, money and high cost in winter you do not deserve during your holidays in the mountains.

If you are a beginner skier ski or snowboard and do not have your own equipment for skiing in the mountains, or if you prefer to travel to lighter Farellones alone with his personal boots ski mountain and not have to be carrying heavy bags and weight on the plane is a good choice for your holiday in the mountains.You find ski rental shops, rental of snowboard and all necessary equipment in the mountains ski area Farellones and our Hotel.

General information - Ski in the Mountain

- Flight time from Miami / USA to Santiago, Chile: 8 hours.
- Most airlines flying to Santiago.
- Currency: Chilean Peso.
- Electricity: 220 volts Throughout Chile used.
- Lease Chain: Road to Farellones, route G-21 Km 9.

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- The highest point near: Cerro El Plomo Mt. 5,430 / 18,000 feet.
- Average temperature: 8 ° C max (46 ° F) / -7 ° C (19F).
- Extreme temperatures recorded at 2,400 meters high: - 23 ° C
- There ATMs to withdraw money in the ski centers in the mountains such as La Parva, Valle Nevado and El Colorado - Farellones. Most local credit cards accepted except for some ski schools. It is advisable to exchange dollars for pesos in Santiago due to major change that can offer to make more economical holiday in the mountains.

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