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To be employed at Hotel Posada is to get connected with the pristine nature of the covered with snow mountains and to our philosophy that inspires the particular way of personalized services that we offer. The hospitality relation is fundamental with travelers originated from all parts of the world and to make them feel as if they were at home. The persons that are employed at Hotel Posada stand out for his obliging spirit, disposition and passion for his performance.

In our selection processes we look capable and friendly persons. That's why we take in consideration both the spirit of the candidate and his labor experience along with the working capacity in team. They must be prepared to answer opposite to any demand, therefore the skill to take decisions and to solve problems is of vital importance.

En nuestros procesos de selección buscamos personas capaces y amigables. Es por eso que tomamos en consideración tanto el espíritu del postulante como su experiencia laboral junto a la capacidad de trabajo en equipo. Deben estar preparados para responder frente a cualquier exigencia, por lo que la habilidad para tomar decisiones y resolver problemas es de vital importancia.

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